The Purpose, the Journey, and the Fun along the way

Here we are, two moms who love our cameras and miss our college art classes and colleagues. With a family it can be difficult to find time for the creative process. Emily and I are using this blog as a way to have fun, work on our photography, keep each other accountable, and be creative!

Each Monday one of us will post a challenge for us both to complete and post a response to by Friday that week. Over the weekend, if time permits each of us will also critique the other's work.

We hope to use this blog as a way to grow together as photographers as we continue to grow as mothers.

If you happen to stumble upon our blog, and want to join in, feel free! Just post your response, with a link to your photos in the MckLinky link for that week. Challenges stay open for three weeks after they are posted.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Photo Challenge #19

Hello everyone! This week we'll be doing another challenge dealing with light.

Way back when we started the challenges we had a week (photo challenge #2) where we took photos of buildings at different times of the day.  I thought we'd do something a little similar, a sort of exercise if you will.  

The challenge:

Pick an object, pick a window in your place of residence and photograph that object at different times of the day at said window.

1. Your object can be anything really, someone's head, a glass jar...whatever you'd like, just make sure it's the same thing in every photo.
2.  At the end of the week you will have to Submit 6 photos-three sets of two images.
3. Photograph your object at three different times of the day.  One photo is to be the same angle (so you'll have three total that look the same but that were taken at different times) and for the second photo of each set try and use the light available in the best possible way.
4. Please no tweaking since this is an exercise in light.
5. Submissions due between Friday, June 5 and Sat., June 6.
6. B/W or colour
7. If this is confusing leave a comment and I'll try and clarify! 

Em will probably laugh when she reads this one since she knows I love the morning light that comes in through my windows.  You'll find it's amazing what you can accomplish with just a little natural light!

Have fun!



  1. Didn't think I was going to make it this week and was going opt out. Alas, I can not stay away!!! hehe. I apologize for not commenting on the last challenge. I have been so busy lately. I am going to try to catch up on them, but if I don't I thought last week was really great and that everyone did an awesome job in general. THanks for understanding.....I will have more free time very soon. Here is my entry for this week.

  2. mine are up!!
    who-hoo- got done early this week ;)

  3. Hmmmm, still can't copy and paste here so: - the 6 photos of the brooch. (Don't know how long they'll stay at the top of the page)

  4. Hi everyone... so I only got a little over half way through this weeks challenge. Here is what I got!

  5. I'm back! First attempt with new camera

  6. finally!!

  7. Late late late, as usual. Fell asleep listening to the Brewer Game last night. Sorry guys!