The Purpose, the Journey, and the Fun along the way

Here we are, two moms who love our cameras and miss our college art classes and colleagues. With a family it can be difficult to find time for the creative process. Emily and I are using this blog as a way to have fun, work on our photography, keep each other accountable, and be creative!

Each Monday one of us will post a challenge for us both to complete and post a response to by Friday that week. Over the weekend, if time permits each of us will also critique the other's work.

We hope to use this blog as a way to grow together as photographers as we continue to grow as mothers.

If you happen to stumble upon our blog, and want to join in, feel free! Just post your response, with a link to your photos in the MckLinky link for that week. Challenges stay open for three weeks after they are posted.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Photo Challenge #6

Good morning all you wonderful photographers!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  

This week, for the challenge, I thought we'd play a little game most of you may remember from your childhood.  For me, as a mother, many of these "games" are coming back into use.  I thought it would be fun to make a challenge out of a sweet little game called, "I Spy".  The challenge is to use your creativity to find things that you feel accurately explore or explain a word, or more specifically, an adjective.


1.) Photograph only items on the list.
2.) You may pick as many items as you'd like to photograph (there's no limit this week)
OR you can pick one item and submit as many interpretations of the item as you'd like.
3.) The photographs can be B/W or colour 
4.) Please no tweeking for this challenge.
5.) Please submit your photos, by leaving a comment with a link to your submission, in the comment section of this post.  (to read more about submitting photos click here.) Submissions due this Friday, Feb 27, 2009.


"I spy with my little eye, something that is:"

1.) round
2.) beautiful
3.) warm
4.) cute
5.) harsh
6.) reflective
7.) cold
8.) skinny
9.) wet
10.) soft
11.) old
12.) enticing 
13.) scary
14.) brilliant
15.) painful
16.) silky
17.) smelly
18.) unkempt
19.) silly
20.) curvy 

Have fun!


  1. I went a little photo crazy with this one...a grand total of 8 entries for me.

    scroll through from here: to here:

  2. Hey Everyone! First of all I want to apologize for not making any comments last week. I had a family emergency when my Granny took a really bad fall. So I have been totally occupied with that and visiting family. I am barely getting this week's submission done and entered. I will try to comment this weekend on this weeks challenge though. Please forgive me for not commenting last week. I loved all of your submissions. I thought it was a really fun week. You all did a fantastic job!! Below are my submissions for this week. I just took photos of things around me in Iowa while I visit my Granny and Family. Hope you enjoy.

    Erin Jo

  3. Here are my entries- Can't wait to see everyone else's! This week I had a lot of fun- good challenge, banana!


  4. Hope your granny is ok, Erin. Hope you enjoyed the snow too - must have been a change from the usual TX weather!

  5. I only got a few of the things on the list, and I forgot to submit them yesterday....but I noticed this mornign that the results weren't posted yet, so I thought I could sneak these in there. (hope that's ok!!)

  6. Whew! Very very late on this, but here's my stuff!