The Purpose, the Journey, and the Fun along the way

Here we are, two moms who love our cameras and miss our college art classes and colleagues. With a family it can be difficult to find time for the creative process. Emily and I are using this blog as a way to have fun, work on our photography, keep each other accountable, and be creative!

Each Monday one of us will post a challenge for us both to complete and post a response to by Friday that week. Over the weekend, if time permits each of us will also critique the other's work.

We hope to use this blog as a way to grow together as photographers as we continue to grow as mothers.

If you happen to stumble upon our blog, and want to join in, feel free! Just post your response, with a link to your photos in the MckLinky link for that week. Challenges stay open for three weeks after they are posted.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Challenge #47

So sorry everyone for getting this up so late! My husband and I have been house hunting and I really haven't been on the computer that much in the last few days. For this week's challenge I think I'm going to "borrow" an challenge from another site since my brain is clearly else where.

This week's challenge:


(hint: for a little help check out what this guy had to say.)

No rules, just do your thing and tweak if you'd like! And post as many or few photos as you'd like!

MckLinky will stay open for three weeks!

Have fun!


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